Creamsicle foaming hand soap
Lemon peppermint foaming hand soap
Ginger lemongrass foaming hand soap
Bergamont Earl Grey foaming hand soap
Lavender foaming hand soap
 Citrus eucalyptus foaming hand soap

Foaming hand soaps

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70% Organic Castile Soap scented with essential oils! No palm oil..and vegetable glycerin means this soap is vegan. Leaves your hands soft, not dry. And, the scent lingers! The soap comes out of the bottle as foam.

6  regular scents and 1 season scent to choose from


lemon peppermint 

ginger lemon grass

bergamont/Earl Grey 


citrus eucalyptus

jingleberry (while in stock) which is cinnamon orange clove

size: 250ml/ 8oz

handmade in Burlington,Ontario