Foaming face soap
Foaming facial cleanser
 Foaming facial cleanser

Foaming face soaps

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There is three types of foaming face soap each with their own qualities. 

For oily skin

oily skin can happen at any age. While it is not a good idea to use a harsh cleanser that strips the skin of it’s own oils, and irritate skin already sensitive, you do need to remove dirt, pollution, and address the bacteria on your skin that causes acne. This is 70% organic, Castile soaped based cleanser lifts away surface dirt. The tea tree hydrofoil addresses skin bacteria. It cleanses skin, yet leaves it soft, not dry. 

For very rosy complexions

Vegan! NO palm oil! A glycerin soap base, with organic oils, is diluted with rose hydrosol. Essential oils of coriander, tea tree and patchouli are added for their researched benefits on rosy patches on the face. Gentle yet effective in subduing overly pink, highly sensitive skin. 

For all skin types

70% organic content Castile soap base. Vegan! And, does NOT contain palm oil. Mild enough for babies and cats. Blended with organic Rose hydrosol - the water left over from the steam distillation of rose essential oil. Commonly known as rosewater, it balances oil production of the skin, making it useful for all skin types. It can balance and restore the proper PH of the skin, and may tighten pores. It’s cleansing properties make it useful for troubled skin, and keeps clear skin healthy. 

Handmade in Burlington, Ontario