Bees wax wraps
Organic bees wax wraps

Bees wax wraps

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What can you wrap with these?

Cut up fruit, bread, cheese, sandwiches, lunch snacks, left overs.... I could go on forever. Say good bye to plastic wrap!

wrap patterns change frequently so unfortunately you can’t pick your pattern, but all there patterns are very pretty so I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

sweet bee food wraps comes in a cute box and has 3 wraps in the box.

sweet bee box

1 small(7x7”), 1 medium(10x10”) and a large(13x13”)

Earthology wraps are organic and they have 2 different size packs. 

3 wrap variety pack

1 small(7x7”), medium(10x10”) and a large(13x13”)

5 wrap variety pack

2 small(7x7”), 2 medium(10x10”) and a large(13x13”)